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After your appointment with Thermal Imaging of the Southwest, your images are sent to our reading doctors for analysis and consultation.

We have two exceptional reading doctors on call to analyze your images and to consult with you and your doctor about any findings or concerns.

Dr. Summer Graham
Summer Graham, D.C., a local of Aztec, NM, has been the owner of Aztec Chiropractic Clinic since 2005. Dr. Graham practices Applied Kinesiology to determine imbalances in the body, and then uses chiropractic, nutritional, and homeopathic treatments to correct those imbalances. She believes that thermography is the perfect non-invasive process to find these imbalances and monitor treatment progress.
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Dr. Gregory Melvin
With over 25 years as a board-certified thermography reading doctor, Dr. Melvin has transitioned from chiropractic service (still active) to thermal imaging as the most effective tool to understand the body as a system and to make informed health decisions.
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