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Below are our articles about health topics, conditions detected through thermography, and the health benefits you may receive when you add thermography to your diagnostic options.

Disclaimer: These articles and the information they contain are presented not as medical, diagnostic, or other health advice but as information about thermography and health conditions. The information here is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Picture Your Health Like Never Before
An overview of thermography, the technology, and its uses

The Painful Passage of Food
Identifying and Treating Pyloric Valve Problems Can Restore Pleasure in Eating

New Hope for Prostate Cancer Detection
Challenges for detecting prostate cancer and new techniques

New Hope for Breast Cancer Prevention
Who gets it and why. Is it preventable?

Technologies for Detecting Breast Cancer, a Comparative Review
A look at strengths and weaknesses of various technologies for detecting breast cancer.

Healthy Lymph System = Healthy Life
Importance of a healthy lymph system, problems and conditions, and steps for keeping it healthy.

Don’t Pinch Me: Difficulties with Neuropathy
Finding the source of nerve damage is the first step to treatment.

Risks of Chronic Inflammation
Inflammation can be dangerous, but it can be treated.

Health Regimen for Aging Adults – Part 1
Let’s look at diet and supplements!

Health Regimen for Aging Adults – Part 2
Let’s look at simple behaviors (physical and mental)  to improve your health.

Keeping It Clean
Intestinal problems, diagnosis, and home treatments.

That Lump in Your Throat
Symptoms and treatments for Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

Annotated Bibliography of Mammogram Research 
(PDF version)
What researchers and research organizations say about the effectiveness of mammograms.

Annotated Bibliography of Thermography Research
(PDF version)
What researchers and research organizations say about the effectiveness of thermography.

Breast Cancer Screening Research
Synopsis of the research on mammography and thermography for breast cancer screening.

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