Thermal Imaging


Your body responds, in detectable ways, to health conditions.

The most common question we get about thermal imaging is “How do you see inside my body?” Well, we don’t. We don’t see disease, cancer, organs, muscles, etc. Instead, we see how your body is reacting to distress caused by conditions that affect your health.

Here’s what happens, in the simplest possible terms:

  1. Your hypothalamus (in the middle of your brain) gets nervous impulses indicating distress.
  2. Your hypothalamus increases activity at the area of distress, often increased blood flow or a sympathetic response on the skin.
  3. Increased activity increases the temperature of that area.
  4. Our infrared cameras detect “hot spots” on your body…right where your body is fighting the problem.

So…anything that causes  increased or altered temperature is detectable with infrared cameras, and our reading doctors are masters at interpreting those images.

A typical setup for taking thermographic images

A typical setup for taking thermographic images

 See the Gallery for more thermographic images!

Is it safe?

Yes! We’re taking a picture of your body’s infrared heat patterns, much like getting your photograph taken. No radiation, no injections, no discomfort, no contact.

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