Getting Ready for Your Screening

Our thermal imaging cameras are so sensitive that they can detect variations in temperature caused by deodorants, body creams, and other non-health factors. To make sure your images accurately describe your health conditions, and to make sure the reading doctors can correctly analyze the images, please follow these protocols prior to your appointment.

What to avoid

  • No smoking 2 hours prior to the screening
  • No caffeinated products 2 hours prior
  • No lotions, powders, deodorants, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. on the day of the test
  • Avoid sun exposure on the day of the test–no suntanning
  • Avoid medications (unless required) and supplements containing niacin until after the test


Please wear loose clothing to your visit. You will need to disrobe to the waist for upper-body screenings and completely (except for underwear) for full-body screenings.


Please bring a credit card, cash, or cashier’s check for payment.

Next up: What happens during your screening…

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