What Happens After Your Screening

After your health screening, here’s what will happen.

  1. We will send your images and client form to the reading doctors for review.
  2. A reading doctor will review the images and prepare a report that describes any findings, concerns, or other issues that you should know.
  3. Within 2 – 5 days, the reading doctor will send a copy of the report to us and to you or your doctor.
  4. You or your doctor can schedule a consultation by phone or Skype to review the report. For a small extra fee (paid to the reading doctor), you can consult directly with the reading doctor to review and discuss the findings.
  5. You and your doctor use the results to determine an health plan, a plan that is informed and appropriate for you.

Thermal imaging will tell you what is happening in your body. With accurate information, provided by thermal imaging, you can begin your journey to health and peace of mind!

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