b_procedureDoes my insurance cover the screening costs for Thermal Imaging?

Maybe. Some do and some don’t. The best advice is to check with your carrier. We will issue you an invoice that you can take to your carrier. Clients have reported charging costs against their health savings plans, too.

Is Thermal Imaging safe?

Absolutely! No radiation, no injections, no contact. The process is exactly the same as getting your picture taken, which is, in fact, what happens.

Can I use my credit card to pay for my health screenings?

Yes. We accept credit cards, cash, and cashier’s checks. We do not accept personal checks.

How long until I get the results?

Generally, within 5 to 7 days, the reading doctor who analyzed your images will email your report to you and us. We can also send your report to your doctor of choice. At your request, can schedule a consultation to review the reading doctor’s report.

Am I supposed to call you to schedule the report review?

Yes, we recommend that you contact us. However, if we don’t hear from you in a week or two, we will call you!

Do I have to get naked?

For women’s health, men’s health, and breast and lymph screenings, you will need to disrobe to the waist. For full-body screenings, you will disrobe completely, except for your underwear. We will give you a gown to wear until we begin to take the images.

Is there any touching? (or compression, cutting, injections)

No. At the most, we may help position your shoulders or arms for the best imaging views, but no touching is actually needed. Thermography is a passive system, identical to having your picture taken.

Will the thermographer be a woman or a man?

The thermographer may be either a man or a woman. Our thermographers are accustomed to male and female clients.

If you are a man and prefer to have your images taken by a man, simply let us know when you schedule your appointment. We have one certified male thermographer (company co-owner David Bowman), who is available with 2-weeks advance notice.

In most cases, the thermographer will be a woman. If you are a woman, and prefer to have your images taken by a woman, let us know.

How does it work?

In brief: Conditions that cause physical distress provide a response by your hypothalamus, which, in turn, affects blood flow in the affected region. Changes in blood flow affect your body temperature, which our thermal imaging cameras can detect and our reading doctors can analyze. (Go here for more information.)

Are my images and report confidential?

Yes. We respect your privacy. Your images are transmitted electronically with encryption to the reading doctors through proprietary software. Only the reading doctors, the thermographers, and you have access to your images and report. At your request, we can send the analysis report to your doctor of choice.

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